Best Litecoin 2022 Casinos - Your Guide to LTC Betting Sites

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a popular alternative to conventional currencies. It's true not only for online trading but also for online casinos. There are a large number of crypto casinos that specialize in digital currencies. The discussed cryptocurrency in this guide is Litecoin. It is not as well known, but it offers a lot of potential to casino enthusiasts. Below we will give you all the essential information about Litecoin, so you can check if these gambling platforms are right for you.

You can find a list of Top Litecoin 2022 Casino Sites on this authoritative resource.

If you want to choose a quality LTC casino or sportsbook site that you can trust, you have come to the right place! Our experts have put together a list of the best options. You can read the full info here, and you will save a lot of time and be able to start playing faster. 

Some tips for choosing the right LTC casino 

Let's take a closer look at some key factors when choosing the best Litecoin casino.

  • One of the first things to consider when comparing the best variants is their welcome bonus offer. So it's worth looking for the biggest bonus you can get. Also, don't forget to look at the current promotions. 

  • Another important consideration is the range of games that the best LTC casinos offer.

  • Payouts are another vital factor to think about when choosing a Litecoin casino. Withdrawals should be transparent too.

  • Security is a crucial consideration when choosing a Litecoin casino. You need to know that your cryptocurrency is safe when you transfer it to your account and in your casino account.

How can you play at LTC casino?

If you're new to the exciting world of crypto-currency games, don't worry too much - the bottom line is that most of them work the same way as traditional online casinos. And we're sharing detailed instructions on exactly how to do it below.

Find and select a Litecoin casino and sign up. We've looked closely at every LTC casino site made by AltGambler. We believe this is an essential step as it reduces your risk of being scammed. Once you've found a casino that accepts LTCs, it's time to start the registration process. 

Purchase digital currency and make a deposit. If you already have funds in your digital wallet, you can start funding your account and receive your welcome bonus. If your wallet is empty and you need Litecoin, go to an exchange and purchase the asset of your choice.

You are now ready to start playing casino games. Go to the lobby to see the full selection of games. When you find a game you like, click "Play Now" to get started!

How do I make a Litecoin deposit at an online casino?

To get started playing Litecoin, all you need to do is follow a few basic steps:

  • Log in or register at an LTC casino.

  • Go to the Cashier or Bank section of the casino, click on the "Deposits" button, and choose "Litecoin" as your method of choice. This option can be found in the "Cryptocurrencies" section.

  • The casino will give you its Public Wallet Number (PWN) address. This number consists of mixed letters and numbers. Be sure to copy it before moving on to the next step.
  • Go to your crypto-currency wallet and set up a transfer. Then, paste the PWN, enter the amount of Litecoin you want to transfer, and confirm your transaction.

Your transfer should be completed in about 20 minutes if you have enough funds in your account. Once credited, you can start playing casino games immediately.

How do you withdraw your LTC winnings from your online casino account?

  • Go to the Cashier or Bank section of your LTC casino, and click on "Withdrawals".
  • Find "Litecoin" in the list, keeping in mind that it may be under "Cryptocurrencies". Click on it.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, followed by your public wallet number. Once you're done, confirm the withdrawal.
  • Wait for the funds to arrive. Withdraw should be done within minutes if you use Litecoin. But with some casinos, it can take up to 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of LTC Casinos

There are several significant pros and cons to playing with Litecoin. Let's take a look at which ones:


  • The longevity of LTC so far suggests that it will be around for a long time.
  • You get the benefit of fast deposits and withdrawals when using LTC.
  • You can expect to pay minimal fees for each LTC transaction.


  • Because it is closely correlated to other digital currencies, the value of LTC depends on the market.
  • While the number of casinos that accept LTC is growing, they are not yet in the majority.
  • LTC's advantage over other currencies is shrinking, which may soon be irrelevant to casino companies.


Which are the best Litecoin casinos? 

Those that accept Litecoin for deposits and withdrawals are licensed by a trusted jurisdiction and are affiliated with good game developers. 

Are Litecoin casinos legal to play? 

There is no approval for LTC online gambling. But you can always check the casino's terms and conditions to see if they accept players from your region.

Is Litecoin anonymous? 

Unlike traditional payment methods, LTC transfers do not expose your data. However, because it operates on a public blockchain, all transactions are stored on it, and each wallet has a trackable transaction history.

What is the difference in the speed of the transaction process between Litecoin and Bitcoin? 

Litecoin transactions are processed much faster than Bitcoin. 

Which betting sites are the most successful when it comes to LTC? 

Of course, the ones featured on the AltGambler site are the following.


If you're looking for a cheaper, faster, and personal gambling experience that rivals traditional banking and bitcoin transfers, LTC casinos will be right up your alley. Today, the number of authorized websites offering Litecoin gambling is growing - many of them will contact you directly to your wallet for easy deposits and withdrawals. They won't require you to exchange for fiat currency if you don't want to. Finally, LTC casinos will give you access to the same games you know and love in a traditional casino, from online slots to live dealer roulette.

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