Safe blackjack strategies

Safe blackjack strategies

Knowing when to twist in blackjack is a vitally important skill to master if you’re ever going to win big money in the online casino world.

Many players take as red the idea of twisting and therefore do so quite negligently. They focus on when they should stick and forget that the decision to twist (often called a hit) is equally as important as to stick.

When setting out your strategy it is worth considering how you want to win this game. Do you take the conservative approach and let the dealer win or bust, or do you take the bull by the horns and force the dealer’s hand?

Players who go with the latter can win a lot on money at the Metro Play Casino blackjack table and here’s why. Going for a big win when you’re on 14-16 is always worth the risk if the dealer has a strong turned card. You know you must beat the online casino dealer, for they are unlikely to bust if they have a 9, 10 or Ace, and so the initiative is in your hands.

Don’t play careful and stick but instead go for that final card and see what happens. You might only need a seven or below – so a 50% chance of striking lucky – and if you do then you’ve got a strong hand the dealer statistically has a bad chance of beating.

Remember, the dealer must stick at 17 or above, which means your weak 14 has little chance should the dealer possess a 9, 10 or Ace in their hand. You might as well just leave the table if you’re going to play weak, because the dealer will win two of every three games.

No, to win at blackjack you must take control of the game and play it your way. Of course you could go bust but that’s the risk you take in any card game and one that shouldn’t deter you from making the right moves.

It is far easier to stick low and watch the dealer do the work – yet only the bravest of blackjack players have the nous and understanding to work the game themselves.

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