Wednesday October 27, 2021

Games of chance vs. games of skill

When it comes to gambling there have always been several different controversies. One of the biggest one has been whether a particular game is a game of skill or chance and why a few games are considered to be legal while the others are not permitted by the law. The line between games of chance and games of skills is quite thin and sometimes it does become extremely difficult to categorize these games.

The legal implications

According to the law there is a slight difference between games of chance and games of skill. And it is based on this difference that it is decided whether or not a particular game should be allowed or not. For example the game of poker is considered to be a game of skill even though it is not a sport. In poker the outcome of the game depends mainly on the skills of the players. However, chance too plays a small role and even though a player might be very skilled it does not always guarantee a win. For this reason, it can be said that poker does have an element of chance but since it is mainly a skill based game it is considered to be a game of skill.

The difference

There are two main differences between games of chance and games of skill. The first difference is who the player is playing against. When a player is playing against the house, it is a game of chance. When the player is pitted against other players, it is considered to be a game of skill. Also, if an individual can prove that a particular game involves the use of skill like strategies, statistics or math along with a factor of luck or chance, the game would be allowed and would be categorized as game of skill.

There are several groups which are currently lobbying in order to get it classified as a game of skill. It is still widely debated whether or not poker is a skill based game or not and in many cases online poker is considered to be illegal. Several have even modified the game in order to make it more skilled game. For example some online poker sites have eliminated the luck of draw element. For this reason, the skills of the players have become predominant in determining the winners of the game.

Such sites are allowed legally for operating in most US states and are allowed to operate. The US states where the skilled gaming is prohibited are Illinois, South Carolina, Montana, Florida, Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Delaware and Arizona.

However, though sport is considered to be skilled based games, sport betting is illegal. In betting the participants place a bet on an event against the house and thus it is placed in the category of chance games. For this reason, it is not possible to legally bet on any type of sport events.

It can be said that the battle over which games are skilled based games and which ones are not will go on for quite some time till a proper method of resolving this issue is thought of.

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