Women Gambling In Casino Games

Women and games of chance

Though most people don't know, women have been gambling in various different ways since the last few centuries. Over the years things have changed quite drastically and today women can be seen playing games of chance at all the casinos through the world.

History of women playing games of chance

During the Roman times when the games of chance and gambling had originated, women had not been allowed to participate in these days. It is believed that women first started gambling in the late 16th century with the invention of playing cards. The English and French women were very enthusiastic and actively participated in gambling during the 17th century. Very soon women from every class and social status were hooked on to the games of chance. In America, the Indian women played the games of chance quite often but they had to be more discreet about it.

In the 1800s roulette became quite popular in Europe and women too took part in the game in order to win some money. It is known that Countess Kisseleff had been a very keen roulette player and she used to play roulette for hours. On several occasions she had even lost fortunes and a street in Homburg, Germany which leads to a casino has even been named after her.

In the 1950s in Las Vegas, women were often used as decoy players to replace well known male players in several circumstances. During the times instant gaming machines like slot machines had been developed during those years so that the women companions could keep themselves occupied while the men played card games.

Women and games of chance in modern times

Over the years, women became increasingly involved in games of chance and gambling. Today, women who gamble are no longer looked down upon. Several women today are professional players in games like blackjack and player and have even made their mark in male dominated games and tournaments like poker. Women today are beating men at their own game and are earning fortunes in the process.

The unique intuition that women possess has made them more efficient at games of chance. Women even play several games of chance like lottery and bingo and a numbers of women who gamble today is fast catching up with the numbers of male gamblers.

With the launch of online casinos things have changed for the better for women. Today women can play games of chance whenever they want from the comfort of their home. There are several clubs and magazines which cater specifically to women gamblers. Women today know how to play safely and securely and are quite aware of how they need to handle the games.

Even when it comes to employment in casinos and in other gambling venues, women are fast catching up with men. Today it is not so uncommon to come across women dealers at casinos. In fact, it is considered that women dealers are more efficient and can keep the players at their table entertained better than men.

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