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Craps is one of the most popular games of chance. It is a dice game where the players have to bet on the outcome of the roll of two dice. The players have to either play against the casino or against other players. The game requires almost no equipment which is why it is very widely played even outside of the casinos.

History of craps

The game of craps had been developed from an old game named hazard from England. The origins of the games are quite complex and according to several scholars it dates back to the Crusades which had been later influenced and modified by the French gamblers. The version of craps as we know it today in the US casinos had been brought first to the New Orleans by a player named Bernard Xavier Philippe de marigny de Mandeville. He had been a politician and a wealthy scion of landowners. The game had first been known as crapaud and had been spread through the African American community first.

Game rules

While playing craps against the casino, there could be one or more players at the table. The casino would cover all the bets made by the players at the table and the odds of the payout would be set. The players have to take turns to roll out two dice. The players' who rolls the dice is known as the shooter. The other players bet on the dice rolls of the shooter. There are several rounds played through the game.

The player who wants to be the shooter will first have to make a bet on the don't pass line or the pass line. The player who would be next in turn can refuse the dice and can continue to bet on the rolls of the other players. The shooter would then be presented with several dice and can choose two or more out of those.

The shooter will first have to make a come out roll and if he/she rolls 2, 3 or 12 it is known as a craps and the round will end there. A come out roll is when the number 7 is rolled and will result in a win for the bets which were placed on the pass line bets. The round will continue for the shooter till a point has been established. The point numbers 4 to 10 if they are rolled out on the come out, then they are considered as a point.

Any player who wants to play craps without having to play the role of the shooter will have to check the table to see if the dealer's on button is on any point numbers. If it is off then it means that the table is in its second round. Either ways, the player must check with the dealer. All of the single and multi roll bets can be placed in either of the rounds. Between the dice rolls there is a period for the dealers to make the payments and to collect the losing bets.

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Game Rules

To be successful in the online casino games of chance, rules should be learned.

Online Games of Chance

Online games of chance attract more and more gamblers around the globe.

Psychology of Games

Casino games may seem to be innocent entertainmnet but they have their pifalls.


Bingo is a highly popular game of luck which is not banned all over the USA.

Probability Theory

The main objects of investigation of the probability theory are the random events.