Small Games Of Chance Review

Small games of chance

Small games of chance are the small games which are allowed to be conducted by the law of the state. In states where gambling and other games of chance are considered to be illegal, the state law might allow a few smaller games to be conducted by charity organizations.

The charity organizations may conduct these games for raising money for their establishments. However, these games have to be conducted as per the game rules and regulations which are pre-determined by the state laws. Every state has different regulations, though some of the most commonly allowed small games of chance are as given below:

Pull tabs

Pull tabs are generally purchased in deals or in sets. Each of these sets is factory sealed and has a unique serial number for the security purposes. There are tickets or game cards which can be purchased by players which could be printed in different themes. There are die cut or perforated tabs which have to be pulled off to reveal if the player has won anything or not.

Usually pull tabs are available in 3, 5 and 6 window games and are easy to read. The pull tabs are quite popular in almost all states.


A punchboard is a placard or a board which is marked in columns and grids. Every section on the board will have a hidden number or a symbol. The players have to bet on the number or the symbol after which the sections are revealed to determine the winner of the game.


A raffle is a game where the players have to buy a ticket for a chance to win the prize money. There will be a random drawing of the ticket stubs which have been sold to the players at a location which has been printed on the ticket itself. The ticket stub which is pulled out would determine which ticket and which player wins the prize money.

Daily drawing

In most states daily drawings are allowed by the law. It is a game in which a specific number ticket is sold and allotted to the players. A member of the organization would select the number which would be the winning number for the prize money. The number is selected based on a random drawing which takes place within the premises of the organization the same day that the ticket is sold.

Weekly drawings

Weekly drawings are quite similar to the daily drawings. Here too the tickets are sold in advance which have numbers or symbol printed on them. The participants have to purchase the ticket for a chance to win the prize money. Once every week the drawing takes place at the premises of the organization where a member of the organization would pull out a winning number to determine the winner of the weekly drawing.

The weekly drawing winner could be determined with the help of a selection device or as would be permitted by the local legislation.

There are several other types of small games of chance and though the winning prizes are not very high they continue to be very popular with people.

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