Casino Game Rules Overview

Game rules

Games which are available in most casinos today are of a very wide variety. In casinos the players can gamble chips on various random outcomes or the different combinations of these outcomes. With the online casinos too, there are a few games of chance available online when it is permitted by law. There are three main categories of casino games which are random number ticket games, electronic game machines and table games.

The game machines include pachinko and slot machines and the random number games are the ones where the player has to bet on a number in hopes of winning money. Random number games will also include games like roulette, bingo and keno.

Slot machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular games of chance in the casinos today. These machines have reels which will spin when the player pushes the button. The player will have to first insert coin in the machine and then push the button. There will be symbols and patterns on the screen of the machine when it stops. Today, the slot machines are so popular that around 79% of the income of the casinos comes from the slot machines alone.

Video lottery

A video lottery terminal is a gaming machine which allows players to bet on the outcome of a game. It is quite similar to the slot machines and it determines the outcome of each bet with the help of a random number generator (RNG). Video lottery is quite similar to scratch off lottery tickets.


Bingo is also a very popular game of chance which is played with numbers which are randomly drawn and the players have to match these numbers against the ones which are printed on their tickets. These matrices are known as cards. There are several different versions of this game where the players have to achieve a particular patter from the numbers which are drawn in order to win the game.

When one player is able to match all of his/her numbers he/she needs to call out aloud "Bingo" before the winner is declared, the cards are very carefully checked after which the prize is given.


Keno has been a very popular game since decades now. It is quite similar to bingo or lottery and is often offered even by casinos or in lotteries by some states. There is a circular glass enclosure which is known as a bubble. This enclosure will have 80 different balls which will determine the result of the drawings. Every ball has a number printed on it from 1 to 80.

When the ball is drawn, there will be a blower which will push air into the bubble for mixing up all the balls. The caller will select one particular ball and the number printed on the ball will be considered to be the winning number. Twenty balls are selected during every single game. The players will have a keno ticket on which the numbers would be printed. Also remember to experience best online slots experience!

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Game Rules
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