Rng Generator Overview


Playing slots have been one of the favorite pastimes of most regular casino players. However, not many people know how slot machines actually work. The machines on their own are quite useless, it is the Random Number Generator which really makes it work. Several players think that the slot machine has a cycle on which it works and that players can know when it is due for a hit.


RNG is basically the brains of a slot machine. It is because of this that the machines continuously throw out the combination of the different symbols. Every slot machine has a microprocessor like the one which can be found in computers. These microprocessors run on RNG which generates numbers which correspond to the symbols which are present on the reels of the sot machines.

The RNG is constantly in motion as long as the machine is powered. It constantly selects random numbers every second. It can generate values between 0 and 4 billion and then it translates it into specific numbers which correspond to the symbols present on the reels. The outcome of the machine every time we spin the slot machine depends on this.

How does the RNG work?

The RNG functions by suing an algorithm which is a set of instructions which helps it generate the numbers constantly. The scope of this algorithm is beyond mathematical knowledge but it can still be checked to see if it is accurate or not. All casinos in the US and even around the world where there are slot machines are checked by a control board to ensure that the machine works as it should and that the players are not cheated by it.

The slot machine reels have a lot of spaces where there is a symbol printed along with some blank spaces. The older machines could contain 20 symbols on the reels while the modern ones have 22 symbols. The technology allows the new slot machines to have a large number of these virtual stops, as they are referred to.

The RNG works by picking up these number combinations as many as a thousand times every second. The results which could be generated by pushing the button of the slot machine could be different every second since the RNG continuously keeps spitting out number combinations. For this reason, it is not possible for anyone to predict when the machine would hit the jackpot. The slot machines are never really "due" for a hit since the chances of you hitting the button the exact second when the RNG has hit a jackpot combination are astronomical.

Several people could rig the older slot machines by using various different contraptions when the slot machines had not been working on the RNG. However, today it is impossible for anyone to predict when the slot machine would hit the jackpot. With RNG the slot machines keeps on spitting out different combinations several different times each second so it is quite impossible to hit the switch of the machine the exact moment for getting the jackpot.

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